Telesales for your business

“With our outsourcing telesales service, Outsource Telesales from us will help increase leads. and sales for you without having to invest in hiring your own employees.”

What can we help you with?

Find leads and schedule meetings

We help you find your target audience. By drilling into the position you want. and specify the type of industry desired We will deliver a list with contact details. and includes meeting appointment services as well 

Close the sale for you

Not ready to have a salesperson yet Or add people, right? Hire us to act as your sales team to close sales. We will do it from finding leads, scheduling meetings, following up on work, and closing sales.

Organize training and consulting

Do you already have a sales team and telesales team?

If you want to develop soft skills for your team to make sales even better. We have a modern curriculum. There are models that can actually be used.

We provide teaching in both In-House and Public course formats.

What benefits will you get after using our services?

Increase leads, close more sales

Our team is like the one helping you find the right leads. Filter to find quality projects. It also includes closing the sale for you completely.

Get results instantly

With case studies our team has used with dozens of corporate clients. And there have been amazing results in a short time after using our services.

Save money in the long run

With outsourcing telesales services, Outsource Telesales will allow you to save on regular employee wages. We have a wide range of experience in the industry ready to work for you successfully.

Modern training courses

We improve training content and our styles are up to date at all times To suit the new normal situation and others that may occur in the future.

Trusted business advisor

Don't waste time doing trial and error yourself. But successful companies rely on outside experts to provide actionable advice to increase business sales.

Examples of customers who trust our services
(Customers Reference)

Service appointment setting helped us a lot for increase our sales pipeline. Team Success they help us to find the good leads in our target industry and they worked well with our Sales team for coordinate of the meeting with our prospects. That's why we signed a long term contract with Team Success.

I use the services of Team Success for both finding new B2B leads and for our Sales team to train in soft skills in sales as both a channel for finding new customers and developing the team's potential.

I use the services of Team Success Company to work with my sales team. Makes my team work faster more efficient and have a greater chance of closing deals faster We can work together well. Team Success Company has successfully delivered the work. Exactly as I and the sales team expected.

My team needs additional sales skills. Especially regarding cold calling, closing sales, and continuing business with old customers. Therefore, Professor Tony was assigned to teach our sales team in the AJE E-Commerce department and the AJ EV BIKE department. After completing the course Our sales staff have additional good techniques such as sales planning. Calling new customers, following up on work, and closing sales. Professor Tony also has appointments with our management team after training. To track changes in sales staff as well.

We wanted to find more new customer leads by doing cold calling. Professor Tony taught the principles along with a role play workshop for our sales staff to practice. Until we are sure Our sales staff will be able to contact new customers very well and increase the sales pipeline even more.

We need 100 new leads to increase our sales pipeline. The Success team understands our services and can find good leads for us in no time. We received complete information as we wanted. and our sales staff use this information to open Offer immediate resale

Now my company is growing. Therefore, I could no longer use only my sales instincts to manage the team. When I received advice from Professor Tony We have a more modern sales team structure. Get a sales process that is a global framework with a selling success model, get techniques to increase our win rate, methods that allow us to close sales in a shorter time and get deal size to win larger jobs as well.

I received a recommendation about the services of Team Success, which involves finding new leads that we haven't contacted yet. which we have used the service And the results were impressive. This service helps us find a list of clients we would like to contact to present our work. Saved my team time searching for these names manually.​

Our company is in the process of growing. There is no sales process. Very systematic work process and exponential growth resulting in a quantity of houses in stock construction completed Ready for the sales team to reach the target. This makes us think about adjusting these sales processes and developing them. Selling to keep up with modern trends to suit new and modern customer groups after I told Mr. Tony about this problem. Mr. Tony provided valuable advice. There are clear details. and beneficial to our team and can be used for real results

Professor Tony gave very good business advice. It gave me a new perspective on doing business and managing the sales team to be more efficient. And the Selling Success training resulted in a change in the team's sales results for the better shortly after the training.

I received good knowledge about selling B2B high value products from Mr. Tony. Including advice on professional work. There are several sales techniques that have made me more confident in dealing with clients. and in closing further sales

I used Ajarn Tony's sales call script writing service and feel confident that the company's sales team will use it to make cold calling more effective, including Ajarn Tony's selling success sales training. That has made our sales team develop their skills in many areas. This will help us close more sales.

We want leads that are suitable for our services. And the company team, Team Success, quickly finds good leads for us. And we got good results. We received complete information such as name, position, company, telephone number, and email, which were very useful. And our team can contact these leads immediately to provide details about our services.

I want to reduce the team's time in making cold calls and scheduling meetings with our target customers. The Tele sales team of the Success Company works together professionally with our sales team. This allows us to schedule a meeting with customers who have already pre-screened that they are interested in purchasing. Have a suitable budget and will buy in the near term

Our company does not have a B2B sales team and we are constantly looking for new, quality leads. We came across the meeting appointment service of the Success team, which met exactly what we were looking for. We want to meet with our desired audience. so that we can close more work We just tell the Success team what our company does. What type of meeting do you want to have with your target customer group? They were able to make the appointments we wanted very well. And there are many projects that have the opportunity to close sales in the near future.

The Team Success team quickly schedules meetings with new clients for us. And we got good results. We closed on these new clients shortly after the Success team scheduled a meeting with us.

I would like to add a new way to find customer leads using the services of the Success team. There are both TidTor Platform services that have a B2B contact database and telesales to call the list of customers from the companies we want in the marketing department. Get new quality leads and increase your Sales pipeline for us.

Receive services from the Susses team, helping the sales team work more quickly like having two teams working simultaneously. It is an aid in accelerating the search for target customers faster. and the information received is actually usable information

Unlock your traditional sales

With a new sales method, the first B2B Sales Agency service in Thailand.

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Team Success
B2B Sales Agency

Providing services to solve sales problems in a complete manner.

We help clients from lead generation services Meeting appointment service Sales training services by B2B sales expert lecturers to teach sales tracking techniques. Negotiation until closing the sale Including sales consulting services 

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