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How to start being a successful salesperson


Hello all readers. This is the first article that I want to share knowledge with new sellers. Or people who want to be a salesperson but don't know how to start. I myself have approximately 20 years of experience as a salesperson in various organizations. I started from the position of salesperson to sales manager, and I am also a Sales Trainer. I am confident that I will be able to convey knowledge to readers.

What are the sales principles to sell well? Selling isn't complicated. There are many principles that if readers search on Google, they will probably find them all. But what I would like to recommend is a big picture principle. The only one is called Solution Selling or selling solutions to customers. This is a process that has been in place for many decades. And it will continue to be effective in the future as long as we still need human-to-human communication. which is the sales principle that requires people who are employees to deal with people as well We call it business to business (B2B) inter-organizational sales. The solution selling picture will work very well with B2B sales. But if you are a Business to consumer (B2C) seller, don't stop reading just yet. Readers can apply the principles here as well.

In this article, I will give a broad picture of the 5 steps of Solution Selling first. In the next article, I will have details and principles for following each step. The process of Solution Selling from my experience is as follows.

  1. Discovery
  2. Presentation
  3. Follow up
  4. Closing sales
  5. Continuing to expand business (Retention)

Readers may wonder which step is the most important. Can I skip straight to that step? For example, can I go straight to reading about sales closing techniques? From my experience, every step is equally important.

If what I wrote here is useful after reading it. The next step is Contact our team to arrange to discuss the details of the training. and be a consultant for your organization

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