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3 techniques for professional presentation


That's why this article is about the techniques that should be applied to product presentations. Especially for B2B corporate sales.

  1. Do your homework, research, find information about your customers before presenting. This will make you look more professional to your customers. Because customers will see that you understand their business. You should watch the news. Update various information about customers as much as possible. If it is a listed company, you should also read their annual report.
  2. If it's a viral presentation, there are a few rules you should follow, such as making sure your camera is always on. And there is advance notice within your team that Everyone must be ready to turn on the camera as a team. Presentation slides should be less textual. More emphasis on images, more use of body language to engage customers.
  3. Face to face meetings have begun to return. Many customer organizations allow suppliers to attend meetings at the office. or own factory There are certain principles that should be taken into account, such as the way you dress. You should consider the culture of the customer organization as the main focus. And always dress one step more politely than them. Use body language and eye contact throughout the meeting room. Don't stare at anyone for too long. Use high tones, low tones, and pauses to attract attention.

These three principles It's something that the business owner And your executives should train your sales staff very well. Before letting them go out and meet with customers whether it be Virtual or Face to face because of the opportunity to present to customers for the first time It might be your one and only chance to get in front of the customer to see if your deal will go through or not. And a good presentation will make it easier for you to close sales as well.

This content and techniques are only part of my full day training course, new solution selling. And in the training course I will give students the opportunity to come out and present to me using the role play method of employees and customers. so that they can practice And I will give feedback immediately after finishing the role play.

If any executives or business owners are interested in inviting me to talk about soft skill training and consulting work. You can contact our team using the information provided below.

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