A message to business owners who are hungry for more income. And I don't know how to start.

If so, what you are about to read might just be what you are looking for. Because we are going to tell you how you can increase your business income. without the need to increase a huge marketing budget And there is no need to add many salespeople.

The main reason why your business isn't growing as fast as it should... is that you don't know how to do it smartly from the time you start looking for customers until closing the sale. And there is no professional sales process system that world-class companies use.

“Easily find new customer leads” too TidTor Platform It is an online database that collects over 100,000 names of prospective applicants from various companies for you to search in various industries such as banks, retail businesses, hospitals. You can select the job position of the executive you want to contact and select the size of the company. Available for both SMEs and large companies.

“Find customers who are ready to buy for you” where we have a meeting appointment service. The team will choose an appointment with the executive that matches the product that will be presented. There is a Check list of Qualified Questions that will be asked to the customer first every time. If the customer isn't interested or doesn't have the budget, they won't make an appointment. Therefore, every appointment we make will go through a screening process. Make every appointment give you a chance to close future sales.

“Closing sales intelligently” Another problem with selling work is Sales tracking and closing sales Sometimes half a year has passed but the sales department still cannot close the sale. or lose to competitors The secret lies in the salesperson's experience and skills. This problem can be solved with sales training services provided by highly qualified lecturers. We use successful sales models from multinational organizations to convey how-tos that even novice salespeople can follow immediately.

Customer examplefor trusting in our services and got satisfying results

Techsauce Write about our services. https://techsauce.co/tech-and-biz/get-to-know-team-success-b2b-sales-agency

Team Success We are the first company in Thailand to provide B2B Sales Agency services to help customers with integrated sales (End-to-end) from lead finding services. Meeting appointment service Sales training services by B2B sales expert lecturers to teach sales tracking techniques. Negotiation until closing the sale Including business consulting services


Our services are clearly a business help for you... that you don't want your competitors to know. While you are struggling to increase your sales using traditional methods.

## Steps for using our service ##

  1. Schedule a meeting via this link immediately. https://calendly.com/tonyteamsuccess/tidtor-sales-outsourcing-service
  2. Schedule a meeting through our staff at phone number 063–5989799.

Email tony@teamsuccess.co.th and Line ID @tidtor (has @ too)

P.S. After using our service, you may need to add more people to handle more orders from your customers.

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