Training “Idea Selling for non-sales presented in an easy to understand way that anyone can do” 1 day course

Overview of training seminars

It is the application of the principles of presenting ideas to employees in technical, non-sales departments in order to have presentations that are easily understood. People who are not in the business field can present professionally to other departments in the organization in a correct, to-the-point manner, resulting in better work. and better communication in the organization


   Results from training

  • Reduce losses from missed opportunities to choose good projects just because people have good ideas but don't know how to present them. So the executives chose someone else.
  • Create a culture of participation, love, and pride in the organization. Even small employees can communicate good ideas to executives. The frontline staff saw
  • Executives do not waste the opportunity. Just because employees with insight (employees at the front of work) can't present. Some organizations believe that Executives cannot know as well as those in the field.
  • When I don't know how to speak, people don't listen. For a while, people on the frontline don't want to speak. But if you speak as a listener, those who work on the front line will want to speak.
  • Especially in the IT industry, it is accepted that people speak ignorantly, such as developers, coding.

This has the effect of having the accounting department speak and people don't want to listen.

  • When will the IT industry and accounting department speak so that people can understand? People will see the value of these two departments more. and overall results in better communication in the organization It is effective and has an overall effect on the work. corporate income
  • Employees in non-sales departments such as engineering departments, IT departments, operations departments, finance departments, legal departments, human resources departments. Able to present effectively Create understanding for the other party
  • Save time in meetings By using this powerful presentation It will make it easier for all parties to understand. and reduce meeting time by approximately 15-30 minutes
  • Communicate clearly By taking the matter from that presentation and forwarding it to work. and continue working more quickly This makes the overall work efficiency of the organization noticeably better.
  • Reduce conflicts within the organization caused by misunderstandings in presentations. As a result, employee morale improves. and employees have the opportunity to work with the company for a longer period of time
  • Increase your company's revenue and profits through easy presentation. Communicate and understand each other more in the organization.


Training characteristics

  • describe
  • demonstration
  • Role play or practice
  • Workshop

Training period

Total 1 day (6 hours) Training time 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Training topics


09.00– 12.00 n.

  • Overall organizational challenges To make the presentation from the non-sales side
  • Principles of presenting Idea Selling of leading startup companies using the principles of the Problem, Solution, Plan presentation structure.
  • Creating a one page summary before presenting
  • Step 1 Problem: Telling the problem in depth. Using the principles of Who, What & When, How many, How much.
    • Workshop group discussion
    • Role play: Group representatives come out to present.
  • Step 2 Solution : Describe the solution in depth. short and concise Using the principles of What , How or validation , How are you better
    • Workshop group discussion
    • Role play: Group representatives come out to present.

13.00 – 16.00 n.

  • Step 3 Plan: Describe our plans for the future. Using the principles of business model, go to market, team
    • Workshop group discussion
    • Role play: Group representatives come out to present.
  • Techniques for presenting work to other departments to executives, both in virtual and onsite formats, using the principles of Nonverbal, Verbal.
  • The lecturer gives questions to prepare for presentation in front of the class using the principles of Problem, Solution, Plan and techniques that have already been taught.
  • Summary of all training content and principles of practice for the next 1 month to create a process for presenting Idea Selling for non-sales to employees in every department in the organization For maximum efficiency in communication

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