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Solution Selling5: Continuing to expand business (Retention)


 There are general statistics on sales that It takes three times the effort to acquire a new customer than to sell to our existing customers. Therefore, it is important to maintain relationships with our current customers. In addition to additional sales Maintaining the company's reputation is also important. Sometimes buyers need site references from the seller's current customers before making a decision. Therefore, if we have a good relationship with current customers, requesting customer success or site reference is not difficult. The more site references we have, the better. Our credibility will increase as well.

What salespeople can do with current customers is

  • Upselling — is selling the same type of product to this customer according to the situation. According to the period of use, for example, a customer used to buy 10 products. Over time, the company expands and needs 5 more products from the same model, etc.
  • Cross selling — selling new types of products to our current customers is easier than selling to new customers. Because our current customers are already familiar with our sales staff and company team. Therefore, if the company launches new products that this customer should be able to use. Be sure to send information to this customer as well.

Many companies have a key account manager position that is responsible for taking care of these current customers. Especially big customers Maintain satisfaction in using products and services in order to have repeat business transactions as above. For some businesses, the majority of their 70–80% income comes from existing customers. Therefore maintaining good relationships with current customers. Big customers are something that salespeople should do after closing the sale. And sellers can ask these customers to recommend their friends to use the company's products as well.

If sellers, especially Business to business (B2B), have followed these 5 step principles, I am very confident that Salespeople will be successful in their work, close sales, and earn satisfactory income. To be a good salesperson not talent But we can create great sellers with a Solution Selling process that has been proven over many decades.


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