If... you're having trouble closing a B2B business sale.
This service will definitely help you!

What you will receive from our service

  • Our staff will help you find leads. and make a meeting appointment
  • Our staff will help you in the follow-up process.
  • Our staff will help you close the sale. Signing an employment contract with your customer
  • Follow up with old customers to increase repeat sales.
  • The contract starts from monthly.

Work process

  • Customer sends purchase order or pay service fees to Team Success Company Limited
  • Make an appointment for customers to train us about your products and services.
  • We will create a sales script for customers to recommend. And if approved, we will continue.
  • Agree with the target group of customers who would like us to contact to make an appointment.
  • Our staff began calling the target group and recording people who made appointments in an online sheet.
  • Can create Line groups to communicate You can schedule a meeting with the target group.
  • The customer attends a meeting with the target group. and inform us that the meeting is complete.
  • Our employees help in following up on work and closing sales.

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