Grow leads, filter quality deals Make a meeting appointment

Don't worry if you've invested a lot of marketing budget and still don't see any leads coming in. Or there are a lot of leads coming in. But the quality is not very good. We invite you to try using our services.

1. Find quality leads

We have employees who act like people from your company in calling to get the information you want, such as first name, last name, position, phone number, email. We will do cold calling on your behalf, which will save you time doing it yourself. and get results in no time

2. Meeting appointment service

Nowadays, it is important to schedule a meeting between you and a prospective customer. Requires considerable skill of the salesperson. and take the time to follow up on appointments So you don't have to do these things yourself. But you can hire us to act on your behalf. We will filter to find quality deals for you. We have 4 main templates to do here so that you can find customers who are ready to buy from you.

What you will receive from our service

  • Contact customers for whom we schedule meetings (first name, last name, work phone number, job title, work email)
  • Making BANT (Budget, Authorize, Need, Timeframe) before making a meeting appointment.
  • Customer requirements and background information 
  • Sales script in Thai and English (if desired) for your company's sales staff.
  • You can have us call to check other information before scheduling a meeting. 
  • We can make appointments both onsite and virtual (depending on the recipient of the appointment).

Work process

  • Customer sends purchase order or pay service fees to Team Success Company Limited
  • Make an appointment for customers to train us about your products and services.
  • We will create a sales script for customers to recommend. And if approved, we will continue.
  • Agree with the target group of customers who would like us to contact to make an appointment.
  • Our staff began calling the target group and recording people who made appointments in an online sheet.
  • Can create Line groups to communicate You can schedule a meeting with the target group.
  • The customer attends a meeting with the target group. and inform us that the meeting is complete.

Examples of customers who use our service to make meeting appointments

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