This 1-day training is designed to be a new type of learning that will help students learn the principles of the product closing system. and telephone service Using new and updated methods and techniques to use these skills to make more quality calls to customers. Understand customer needs Conversation with customers in a professional manner and close more sales and in a shorter period of time

Trainees (Training participants should not exceed 30 people)

Telesales reps and sales managers without limiting experience Including employees of other departments related to the sales department to understand the overall picture and process of telephone sales in order to coordinate work better, such as the marketing department, customer service department, etc.


Upon completion of the course, participants should


learning style

Training period

first day 1 day on-site training (09.00 – 17.00 hrs.)

Morning break: 10.30 – 10.45 a.m.

Lunch break: 12.00-13.00 hrs.  

Afternoon break: 2:30-2:45 p.m.

Service fee

Please contact our staff at 063-5989799.


Ajarn Supakorn Bunchua (Ajarn Tony)

Achan Tony graduated with a bachelor's degree. Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University and at the master's level Faculty of Information Technology Management, Assumption University (ABAC)

Dr. Tony has experience working with multinational companies such as IBM, Schneider Electric, Huawei Technologies, Veeam software, Zendesk, Infobip for a period of 20 years. Dr. Tony has worked as a salesperson. Sales executive strategic planner business developer Consulting with customers In companies in various industrial groups such as Enterprise group, SME group, Start up group, Manufacturing factory group. Tourism group, retail group, financial group, bank, insurance company Life Insurance Company, Logistics Group, E-Commerce Group, Technology Group, Telecom Group

At present, A. Tony is the Managing Director of Team Success Company Limited which is a company.

B2B Sales Agency that provides complete sales services from finding leads Meeting appointment service, outsource tele sales service, soft skill training in sales and business. Including being a business consultant It has special expertise in high-value products and B2B businesses and has been well received by customers ranging from startup businesses to corporates both in the country. and from abroad

Customer's Video Testimonial

From AJ E-Commerce

From Humanica , Tigersoft

From Rocket Digital

From Zipevent , Seekster , Precise Corporation

From True IDC

From Retail Corporate Company

“My team needs additional sales skills. Especially regarding cold calling, closing sales, and continuing business with old customers. Therefore, Professor Tony was hired to teach our sales team in the AJ department.

E-Commerce and the AJ EV BIKE department, which after completing the course Our sales staff have additional good techniques such as sales planning. Calling new customers, following up on work, and closing sales. Professor Tony also has appointments with our management team after training. to follow changes in sales staff as well.”

Mr. Narat Meemanonan

Executives of AJ Advance Technology Public Company Limited)

“I want to upgrade my team's sales skills so they can move towards higher goals. Therefore, the Unlock 10X Sales Success course from Team Success was chosen for the team to learn and develop their abilities. including finding new leads, opening up conversations and presenting professional work. As well as following up on the progress of the work until closing the sale. Professor Tony provided knowledge through lectures and fun workshops. Importantly, this course teaches you how to do account planning and project analysis to be able to close sales faster. This is very beneficial to the sales team.”

Miss Thanaphorn Chaiwattanachai

Head of Commercial

True IDC

“We wanted to find more new customer leads by doing cold calling. Professor Tony taught the principles along with a role play workshop for our sales staff to practice. Until we are sure Our sales staff will be able to contact new customers very well and increase the sales pipeline even more.”

Khun Parote Denskoon – CEO & Co-Founder at Zipevent

“I use Team Success's services for both finding new B2B leads and for our Sales team to train in soft skills in sales as both a channel for finding new customers and developing the team's potential.”

Khun Chatchanart Jiratornsirikul (JoeZ) – CEO at SeekONE Holding

“I am confident that if my team uses Master Tony's techniques, within 2-3 months, sales will definitely increase.”

Mr. Kwanchai Thongkliang, Sales Manager Precise Corporation Public Company Limited

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